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The section is affiliated with the F.F.S.T. and the F.C.D.





Bertrand Thevenin : Manager of team of instructors

Mobile : +33 (0) 6 11 22 32 42

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Cercle Via Ordo

10 rue de la Paix

75002 Paris


Address of the principal Dojo

Base de l'Ecole Militaire

Club sportif et artistique

1 place Joffre

75007 Paris

Metro Ecole Militaire

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Bertrand THEVENIN and the members of the Managerial Staff College



Via Ordo is a gentle, calming, humanist martial art through which you can flourish and find the right balance between your body and your mind.


Practice is in a dojo where we work on how to breathe, to move and to gather energy.


You learn how to manage your emotions, actions and to regulate your impulses in order to succeed in handling conflict situations with greater discernment, temperance and serenity...


Via Ordo courses are organized around three axes:


- Via Ordo Word -Active Listening

- Internal Via Ordo

- External Via Ordo

Via Ordo Word-Active Listening is dedicated to clarifying messages that are expressed through words,

attitude and attention ... During meetings we share experiences and seek solutions together ...

We also organize conferences and debates to which we invite teachers from various martial arts disciplines, people with experience dealing with conflict situations ...


Internal Via Ordo is a form of training based on awareness of our energy through fundamental body exercises on structure, breath and intention ... It consists solely of exercises practiced without any physical contact between partners.


External Via Ordo aims at finding simple responses to a simulated attack (with bare hands, hold-up, choking ...).

Find the center of the circle and shine!





Beginner : white kimono, red belt

Advanced practitioner : white kimono, red belt, navy blue hakama

Superior practitioner : white kimono, navy blue belt, navy blue hakama

Teacher : blue kimono, navy blue belt, navy blue hakama





Tuesday        7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.     Any level

Saturday       4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.     Managerial Staff College

Sunday         4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.     Managerial Staff College

The Managerial Staff College courses are reserved for the preparation of the instructor diploma.


The Dojo is located in The Ecole Militaire, building 08 ground floor in the sports service corridor.





Applicant must be at least 18 years old.


A less than 3 months dated medical certificate  is required to prove physical aptitude.


The annual fee is 96 euros, 76 euros for military, police, fire staves ...

 You can attend a trial class ; a kimono and a belt will be lent.


Information and registration on site, 15 minutes before the Tuesday class.




Individual or Group courses, for collective courses in companies or in a dojo ... We are at your service for

any enquiries on our activity, availability and prices;